In 2012, President Peres realized he has to join Facebook in order to keep in touch with younger and also international audiences.


Launching President Shimon Peres’ Facebook page with great immediate exposure that will draw followers immediately.



Be my Friend for Peace: In order to create full awareness to the launch without using an advertising budget we had to go Viral. How did we do that? We launched a broad Multi-National move that combined New Media tools with Traditional Media coverage and PR.
In order to get the people talking about Political issues and about Peace we created a new “Peres language” which was presented first on a unique viral video by remix artist Noy Aloosh. The song invited people all over the world to be the president’s friends for peace.

The campaign was revealed by President Peres during a meeting we initiated with one of the new leaders of the world – Mark Zuckerberg


Outcomes and benefits: 

The campaign received 218 different publications in local and international media on its first week which resulted in an immediate 50,000 new Facebook friends. We got people talking about the peace process and situated President Peres as one of most influential leaders on Facebook.

The campaign won the Roaring Lion Award for 2013.