Peilim is one of the leading financial companies in Israel and one of its’ biggest expertise is private managing of portfolios.


Bringing the experts of Peilim to the front of the stage and raising awareness to them in person – not just awareness to the firm.



In order to engage with big audiences on a weekly basis we decided to get the experts out of the finances world and move them into the news section.
We produced and launched a new web series – ‘Kessef Olami’ (World Wide Money) which takes big news events from the current week and analyses its effect on markets and stock exchange from one hand and the effect it has on the public and consumers on the other hand.

The program is aired 3 times a week on Israel’s biggest news website – Ynet.


Outcomes and benefits:  over 25 episodes produced in a Quarter and received over 600,000 views!
‘Kessef Olami’ moved up the first search outcomes on google  while the 2nd  and the search line “The Experts of Kessef Olami” is placed 2nd – guaranteeing that people who liked the show will find their way to the Peilim experts.


Click for the “Kesef Olami” experts page